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2016 Suzuki iM-4: Engines, Features, Price

The idea of responsibly conserving the environment and fossil fuels has brought the automobile industries to produce not only hybrid sedans, but also compact crossovers. The Japanese carmaker, Suzuki showcased the newest iM-4 model at Geneva Motor Show in 2015. It presents a modern concept in super-mini crossovers and in lieu of 3 doors, it comes with 5. 2016 Suzuki iM-4 sets sights of making quite an influence in its class as the crossover market sees evolution.

2016 Suzuki iM-4

2016 Suzuki iM-4: Engines and Specs

Under the hood, the 2016 Suzuki iM-4 features a 1.2-liter petrol engine, mated with a mild hybrid system that comprises of a standard generator and a small lithium ion battery. The context of a mild hybrid system involves a regenerative braking system. The iM-4’s V4 engine also presents two fuel injectors for every specific cylinder. In terms of engine efficiency, the 1.2-liter V4 powertrain produces an output level of 89 horsepower and 89 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid technology assimilates engine efficiency to directly suggest that this car cannot be stretched to a monstrous drive experience like any other crossover and SUV. Still, the iM-4 super-mini crossover rewards a friendly and comfortable drive experience, thanks to all-wheel drive system, small proportions and light weight.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 rear

2016 Suzuki iM-4: Design and Features

In terms of its appearance, the facelift traces an impulse of Volkswagen Amarok and Kia Soul as a combination. It also features an apparent hint of the retro Kei model in its design, and hardly differentiates from a classic 1970s Japanese mini car’s appearance. It has a concept car feature in the likes of height ratio, with moderate all-around visibility. It introduces a much angular look at the sides and its roof looks quite like a helmet, which all suggests quite an appeal for this car.

Out back, the iM-4 hybrid presents a pair of LED powered tail lights and 2 more LED strips installed in the bumper. Elsewhere, the standard white colored Suzuki iM-4 includes a pitch black grille at the facelift, fog lights, LED head lights and 18-inch alloy wheels with five trapezoid designs. The overall specifics on the exterior are incorporated by Suzuki to match on par with modern SUVs.

The interior does not present standout features, yet offers state-of-the-art features in terms of driver’s utility and comfort. Some of the interior basics include comfortable leather upholstery on seats, with ample head and leg space especially designed and positioned for tall drivers and occupants. On the dashboard panel, the iM-4 provides much technological functions: temperature regulator, dual climate control system, large display screen integrated with an infotainment system, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and USB port.

The luxury feature does not match high end incorporations, yet does not miss the unique detailing, luxury touches of upholstery and a mystical appeal of cockpit. The interior further features basic front passenger under-seat tray, glove compartment, foldable rear seats and instrument panel storage box.


Price and Arrival

The 2016 Suzuki iM-4 made its way in the markets during the third quarter of 2015 at a price of $19,000 for the standard model.