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2017 Suzuki iM-4: Changes, Engines and Price

Production of new sports utility vehicles in a modern shape has become a fame point for the Suzuki. This Japanese car maker has achieved an astonishing reputation level in the industry because of considerable SUV options such as iM-4 series. By keeping the modern idea in mind, the company will introduce the 2017 Suzuki iM-4 with latest features.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 changes

2017 Suzuki iM-4: Changes and Specs

Suzuki will change its previous concepts and trends this time. The company has released images of the new 2017 Suzuki iM-4 crossover. The model resembles with a small SUV. It seems a combination of Jeep and Ford’s Explorer. Overall designing of new iM-4 model is marvelous because of white body and black windows. Suzuki has dropped the structural weight in frame by using more aluminum and carbon but steel is also present for the durability. There will be a new platform for this SUV with an improved aerodynamics.

Engineers have focused on the sleekness of frame. Bonnet of iM-4 model has no curve, upraised area or depression. However, there is a little black groove on the lateral sides. Grille of iM-4 has been divided in to several horizontal layers containing a buffering white layer with Suzuki’s tag. Exterior model is based on Wagon R and Swift models. Floating roof makes it more attractive. Large air vents allow the fresh air to circulate under the hood. Suzuki has made bumpers more prominent with the help of a LED strip. The wheels are at least 18 inches and equipped with a Five-Trapezoid Pattern rim. Total wheelbase is 95.98 inches, length 145.39 and width is 67.28 inches. The height of this SUV is 61.65 inches.

Nothing extraordinary has been included but fans will not find any compromise with the comfort. Fabric materials have been used to furnish the seats. Boot space and leg room is enough to feel comfortable. Features such as iPod or Smartphone connectivity, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be available. Geo-satellite navigation, Google Earth, climate control, A/C vents, special under seat trays (front), instrumental panel and glove compartments are present.

2017 Suzuki iM-4 specs

2017 Suzuki iM-4: Engines and MPG

The 2017 Suzuki iM-4 keeps four cylinders Dual Jet engine (1.2 liters fuel capacity) with 2 divided Fuel Injectors. This engine will produce 89 hp and 80 b ft torque. Suzuki will also use a modern Booster Jet Turbocharged engine 1.0 liters petrol unit. Lithium ion battery will help to produce 250 hp and 276 lb ft torque with 4 as well as 2 wheel drive option.  The SUV will cover 25 miles per gallon with base engine. Second engine will deliver 20 miles per gallon as average.

2017 Suzuki iM-4

2017 Suzuki iM-4: Price and Arrival

The new 2017 Suzuki iM-4 will be offered after April 2017. The starting price of this small SUV will be around $18,000 in USA. Tokyo and New York auto shows will host the primary display.