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2017 Suzuki Jimny: Redesign and Changes

Suzuki launched the first Jimny model in 1989. It is continuously upgrading the Jimny according to upcoming technologies. Recently, the auto industry has obtained the news about the new 2017 Suzuki Jimny. This will be a good opportunity for Jimny fans.

2017 Suzuki Jimny

2017 Suzuki Jimny: Redesign and Changes

Suzuki will offer a completely redesigned drive option now. The new 2017 Suzuki Jimny has been identified as a vehicle containing sports utility functions. This will be done with the help of a new platform. The platform has mixture of previous Jimny and SUVs. Framework of this model is very significant because of ore carbon and aluminum. Steel has been limited to the durability. The vehicle has got a revised edition of aerodynamics.

Exterior changes are according to Suzuki’s modern concepts. Suzuki has produced a fancy approach for the fans. The 2018 Jimny is extraordinary because of its prominent shape and structure. There is a marvelous combination of orange and white on the body, roof, bumpers and mirrors. No doubt, the new model has a conventional bonnet with two curves with there is a large air vent with three prominent vertical bars. This makes bonnet more stylish. Two roof bars have been placed without any central joint. Headlamps are perfectly square having round LED bulbs. The indicators are present with the headlamps. Grille has five prominent vertical openings. These are large openings allowing more air intake. Central opening contains the Suzuki’s tag. Grey structure for bumpers in combination of black small openings makes front sharper. LED lights have been placed in an organ circle. At least 18 inches wheels with five trapezoid rims will offer better grip on road.

Suzuki will utilize the Modern Utility Standards while making combinations of interior features. The dashboard is angular with LCD Console. The company has tried to install a 7 inches Touch Screen in the dashboard. The dashboard console is attractive with power steering, speedometers, Geo-Satellite radio and A/C vents. New gearbox, climate control, standard leather covers and adjustable seats are making interior more comfortable. Google Earth, GPS, USB, Bluetooth, iPod or Smartphone connectivity and Wi-Fi will be standard facilities in new Jimny.

2017 Suzuki Jimny changes

2017 Suzuki Jimny: Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2017 Suzuki Jimny would be a mini SUV that has 1.3 liters four-cylinder engine. This gasoline engine will generate at least 134 horsepower. More details about torque, transmission and electric motor are not present yet. The 2017 Jimny will have a four wheel drive option and will cover 29 miles per gallon in city.

2017 Suzuki Jimny interior

Safety and Price

The 2017 Suzuki Jimny is equipped with modern standard safety features. It contains airbags, safety belts, drive memory, electronic stability control, traction control, pedestrian sensor, anti collision sensor and rear view camera. This vehicle would be a big competitor of Toyota 4Runner and Subaru Outback.

The starting price of 2017 Suzuki Jimny would be around $19,000 to $20,000 in USA. Suzuki will introduce this vehicle after January 2017 in USA, UK, France and Japan.


  • Alan says:

    Looks good. Like the off road look a lot. Price is good. Can it tow? Skid plates? Price is fantastic.

  • Mike says:

    Like it. Can we buy this in the USA soon? Tough look, small package, great gas mileage. I’ll take one. Maybe two!

  • choua says:

    I am very interesting about this Jimny model, waiting to buy one soon. I like the mileages, the off road capability, the rougher look, not like others, too high price, and too handsome.

  • Michael Ramos says:

    Want it now!!

  • Alex DC says:

    I have the Old and I want the New ASAP

  • Mike says:

    I am so tired of jeep Wranglers here in the USA. I want something small and simple! This Suzuki Jimny would be perfect! I hope this isn’t a hoax. I will most definitely buy one if it comes to the U.S.

  • ABEL says:

    Look good i will buy one finally come to USA.,send me email as soon come to America. I’m ready to buy it.

  • ABEL says:

    I will buy one i been waiting for one ,finally come to USA.i love it.

  • Andres Salazar says:

    Didnt suzuki closed their operation here in USA???

  • Craig says:

    Probably good for a 1000lb towing with a 1.6l engine. I have a UK 2004 model with 1.3l petrol engine and it’s good for 350 kg towing

  • arsala says:

    i have 2001model jimny bu iam thinging i wan’t to 2017 model of jimny iff if some budy gifted to me 2017 model jimny

  • arsala says:

    don’t underastimate the power of the jimny man…………………………………?

  • Miss. rally lover says:

    This looks like a joke! No real technological improvement in 20 years may be…Take a 1100 kg mass, put a stupid 1360cc engine (should be whether 1299 or 1599cc for tax regulations in many countries), get only 110nm as torque (shoud be min. 150nm), if you say hp is not important but torque is a min 100hp needed…and an economy of 100km/9-10 lt gas…A real junk…wish you nice time with your new toy guys☺

  • anil kumar thapa says:

    how much it costs in nepal?is it possible to buy in nepal

  • andrew says:

    the suzuki jimny is lots of fun & small is beautiful and in 4 wheel drive is a unique and economical car with character. looks as though Suzuki have listened to jimny fans and look forward to seeing the launch of this new little truck and no doubt will put it on my list of cars to have in years to come.
    currently love my 2006 I purchased a few months ago & my other car is a jag!
    never underestimate the underdog : )

  • brian says:

    i own a 2008 jimmny and its handling on road is rather negative, off road youl find it hard to beat it, mines only done some 15000 miles since new as my other car is a moterbike, if the new jimmny has better engine, less firmer suspension i would buy it, evan inits current model 2016/17 state i would still buy it, for me its ideal as i live in a sleepy oldie english vilage, right on the edgie, it has minor flooding near by and the jimny just eats it up, i was going to sale mine, but will wait till 2018 and go on a test drive in the model, it looks as if the next model petrol compsion will be worse in the new model mine comes with 3 drive options 2 wheel drive, four wheel drive 1 and four wheel drive 2.

    i was born dsyleic so my spelling is artistic to say the least.

  • janet says:

    This will never be in the USA

  • PaTriX Bodhy says:

    When will these new Jimny arrives in Belgium? I will buy 1 amydietly

  • PaTriX Bodhy says:

    When will the new Jimny 4×4 arrivre in Belgium!!
    like to buy whan or 2, ASAP