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2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Redesign, Engine, Features, Price

With Japan winning the race in its companies of automobile makers, Suzuki is yet another Japanese producer. With the origins dating back to 1909, the company has come far in specializing in automobiles, motorcycles, four-wheel vehicles and even wheelchairs. It was claimed to be the ninth biggest automobile maker in 2011. In 2018 it is coming up with another model of its car to remain active in the market competition. Suzuki has not produced SUV’s since 1998 and after all this time it has come out with the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Being hiatus for so many years on the SUV status, the buyers have numerous expectations from the company which it has fulfilled.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Design and Features

Suzuki has been a reliable and affordable model since the beginning of its time. The same reliability and affordability are expected from this new 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV. It is not only the price of the car but the fact that it gives the best features at such a price. The car also has a stylish and glossy look to turn heads wherever you drive it.

It is, however, without a doubt that the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be a fuel-efficient car along with providing easy handling and a smooth drive. The exterior is bulkier and gives off a more rugged look, like that of a muscular man. The large headlights and the curves on this car also give it a more classy and elegant look. One of the most interesting traits of the exterior of this car is that you can customize it and its color according to your needs due to the presence of a clamshell hood.

Like all Suzuki automobiles, the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara was designed for comfort and convenience. The interior of the car involves leather seats, making it more comfortable besides other various features.  There is also touchscreen control, Bluetooth, USB ports, and the navigation system. All of the characteristics of the interior of this car are designed in such a way to make sure that your drive is like flying on a magic carpet.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara


The 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be powered by a 2.4-liter engine and combined with a light body is all that is needed for a respectable performance. The SUV also has a small but an efficient engine which is able to generate up to 166 horsepower. The Grand Vitara also has the front wheel option which allows the feature to be used off road.

2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara interior

Release and Expected Price

The car that is not only affordable but comes with a smart exterior and the agreeable interior.  It will arrive in 2018 with the base price at around $20,000. Suzuki is one of the brands that gives the customers a true value for their money. This is why the 2018 Suzuki Grand Vitara is anticipated to a great deal. Moreover, we are sure it will have a huge number of sales in the first year of its release only.